1/4 Fold Hygienic Protection Disposable Flushable

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Restroom & Hygiene Products Your restroom and overall hygiene plays an important role in employee, guest, and tenant satisfaction. Our general use paper towel, toilet paper, toilet seat cover and hand and body hygiene products help prevent the spread of germs and protect against cross-contamination. Safety & Personal Protection Increasing productivity shouldn’t mean sacrificing safety. Based on something we call “human-centric engineering,” our gloves, safety glasses, and protective clothing are designed to keep your facility running smoothly and your people safe.

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1/4 (Quarter) Fold Disposable Toilet Seat Paper Cover 

Product name 1/4 Fold Hygienic Protection Disposable Flushable Paper Toilet Seat Cover
Material Recycled Pulp
Fold 1/4 fold
Packing 200sheet/box, 25boxes
Color White or Brown
Inner box Size 26*205*32mm
Outer case Size 41*27*36.5cm
N.W/G.W 11/12KG


Flush them down the toilet after use Made out of 100% Virgin Pulp paper for easy disposal and sanitation.

Toilet seat covers are perfect for the 1/4 fold toilet seat cover dispensers.

Toilet seat covers comes with 200 sheets per pack, ensuring that the dispenser will not have to be refilled constantly.

Keeps conditions as sanitary as possible for guests.

No need to take the covers out of the box, simply tear the dotted lines and place the entire box in cover holder.

Sheet Size: 425*360mm 

Features Specifications:
*Disposable paper toilet seat covers;
*Air-land is used for disposable seat cover: water soluble, harmless to skin, environmentally friendly.
*Printing client server design.
*Disposable and sanitary seat cover.
*Pull out the arc-like part. Spread the cover and put it on the seat, press the flush button after using the toilet.
*Spray it even to spread at sit the urinal to fence in, inside turn the tongue slice automatically fall into an urinal inside, in order to prevent water the spray arrive the hip, and use to finish, and wash the water namely automatically take.
*Suitable for hospitals, theaters, gym, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, expressway rest areas, convention halls, government offices, schools, airliners, commuter ferries, trains, bidet and every other place.

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