1/4 Fold, Paper Toilet Seat Cover, 100% Virgin

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1/4 fold toilet seat cover, quater fold paper cover, aviation toilet seat cover

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    Quarter Fold  PAPER Toilet Seat Cover 

    Toilet seat cover paper is a kind of sanitize, safe and clean product made of imported pure pulp. Its widely used in the restrooms in Europe, the United States and other developed countries. This product is in direct contact with skin, separates bacteria and cold and prevents the spread of infectious diseases. This product has the features like disposable,washed away with water after use, water-rapid degradation and does not plug the toilet. Its a safe environmental friendly product.

    Keep your bathroom clean and sanitary with these 25 boxes of 200-count quarter-fold toilet seat covers.
    Protect employees and customers from germs with these toilet seat covers. The easy-to-use boxes are compatible with most wall-mounted dispensers, and the covers are disposable for one-time use. These Rest Assured toilet seat covers are quick-dissolving, which is better for the environment.


    Gram weight: 13-18g/m2

    Size: 360 x425mm

    Packing: 30-200sheets/box, 10 -50boxes/carton

    Toilet seat covers are designed to provide superior hygiene and personal safety in the washroom
    Made of white paper
    Meets or exceeds Green Seal standards
    100% biodegradable
    Rapidly flushable
    Levered Dispensed designed to fit in lever type dispsensers

    Disposable and easy to use. Hygienic solutions for nay public bathroom.

    Made from 100% virgin fibers.

    100% flushable and will quickly dissolve in septic systems. The inner dispenser pack provides one-at-a-time dispensing to reduce waste while its half-fold style accommodates most restroom stalls and seat cover dispensers.

    Features Specifications:
    *Disposable paper toilet seat covers;
    *Air-land is used for disposable seat cover: water soluble, harmless to skin, environmentally friendly.
    *Printing client server design.
    *Disposable and sanitary seat cover.
    *Pull out the arc-like part. Spread the cover and put it on the seat, press the flush button after using the toilet.
    *Spray it even to spread at sit the urinal to fence in, inside turn the tongue slice automatically fall into an urinal inside, in order to prevent water the spray arrive the hip, and use to finish, and wash the water namely automatically take.
    *Suitable for hospitals, theaters, gym, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, expressway rest areas, convention halls, government offices, schools, airliners, commuter ferries, trains, bidet and every other place.



    Prevents bacterial growth, eliminates cross-contamination and help to avoid psychological discomfort caused by direct contact with the toilet seat cover.

    * 100% WASHABLE

    Use biodegradable materials. Water soluble. The paper toilet seat cover can be flushed away after use.


    The half-folded cover fits all popular seat cover dispensers.


    The paper is soft and smooth with comfortable skin contact.

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