Automated Dispenser of TSC Roll Paper

Short Description:

Automatic dispenser of toilet seat cover roll is suitable for roll toilet seat cover application, high efficiency and no touch, can effectively avoid hand touch.

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Automated Lockable Dispenser & Roll Toilet Seat Cover

1. Using our paper dispenser which is healthy and environmental protection for your life.
2. Easy wall mount
3. The custom-designed dispenser makes your bathroom and kitchen beautiful and artistic.
4 .FRESH PC material
5. Unique appearance design
6. Green and environment-friendly.
7.Press one key to automatically output one toilet seat cover
8. QR code is available on request, scanning QR code may obtain one paper cover too.

Use range:

Airport, wharf, convention center, guesthouse, hotel, chamber, leisure center, building,

hospital, school and so on.
Installation: by drill and screws.

Dispenser with paper cover roll

3 kinds of Operation method available:

*Press one key to output paper cover

* Sensor touchless (no touch) , auto paper output

* Output paper by scanning code

3 Roll toilet seat cover paper

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