Company Development

June, 1999

Set up the first workshop of folding paper.

Feb,   2000

First time to export toilet seat cover to USA market.

April,  2000

First time to obtain ISO-9001 Quality Management System.

Oct,   2000

Established the first set of paper-making machine to produce paper.

Mar.,  2001

Set up the second workshop of folding and packing paper.

May,  2001

Started to work with Georgia-Pacific to supply premium toilet seat cover.

July,  2002

Passed the certification of ISO14001 EMS.

Nov., 2003

Cooperated with China South Airline to supply aviation TSC paper.


Mergered with Fengcheng Paper-making facory of over 40 years history.

Jan., 2005

Incorporated the management system of limited liability company.

Feb., 2006

First time to import pulp from Russia to improve the quality.


Introduced the second set of paper-making machine, increased the paper output by 40%.

Mar., 2009

 Established the Lanqi's production facility.


Applied for over 20 patents.


Set up the branch of Shenyang.

April, 2012 

Joined in the Chinese Paper Industry Association.


Passed the certification of Hi-tech Enterprise.


 Founded the Shanghai Branch.


Designed and created the automatic folding machine.

April, 2018

Established the automatic production workshops.


Improved and upgraded the paper-making machines, up to 800tons production capacity.

May, 2019

Newly established #2 warehouse, increasing the area of 3560m2.

July, 2019

Newly established #3 warehouse, increasing the area of 2940m2.

Dec., 2019

Firstly obtained ISO45001 and ISO14001 management systement certificates.


Improved the production shop of Fengcheng factory