How to identify the difference between tissue paper and thin paper?

Thin sheets of paper are often sold as tissue paper. Why is this happening? There are four main reasons:

First, due to the impact of a large number of fake tissue paper copy tissue market, resulting in a substantial decline in the price of tissue paper, if the production of real tissue paper, manufacturers have to pay 3000-5000 yuan/ton, so many excellent domestic enterprises are afraid to produce real tissue paper.

Second, it is thin paper, but in order to get a good price, they use the name of tissue paper to promote, in order to make a profit.

Three, because individual authority personage interprets tissue paper as thin typist paper, produced misleading to manufacturer.

When the National standard for tissue paper was revised in 1911, two important indexes, namely sizing and transparency, were omitted, which led to the misunderstanding of the standard for tissue paper by manufacturers.In fact, the variety of tissue paper was born in Europe, whose original intention of producing tissue paper was to produce a transparent paper sheet (since there were no blueprints, tracing drawings and photography, and no photocopiers).And then covered with the paper in the art, calligraphy and painting, drawing, etc to copy and imitate, copy, use, therefore, the level of transparency directly affect the quality of the copy, imitation, reproduction, so the tissue paper of transparency is a very important indicator, leakage happened to booked, and brought great misleading to domestic paper making industry, at the same time, led to a lot of fake tissue paper exploiting the loopholes, use inferior tissue paper in silhouette as tissue paper tissue paper market impact, and not hit by the department of quality control, the real tissue paper prices plummeted.In fact, many people know that tissue paper is very difficult to produce paper varieties, many people fake tissue paper name to sell thin paper is just want to tissue paper high price and come, in order to get a high return.

Therefore, I hope that the man of vision to come forward, but also copy the original appearance of paper, so that those so-called “tissue paper” also return to its original appearance, that is, thin paper, form a benign market competition.

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Post time: Mar-04-2021