Resume work after the holiday the Ox Year

Today is the first working day after the holiday of the Ox New Year. The first day of construction was a happy day for all colleagues to pay New Year’s greetings.

In the morning, we came to Toilet Seat Cover- production Center with a happy mood, and entered the office area. What we saw and heard all the way gradually dispelled all kinds of worries: from the entrance of the park, there were special personnel to measure temperature, check the brand and the wearing condition of masks. When we came to the entrance of the second building, we still needed to take the temperature again, and the qualified personnel entered from the designated channel while maintaining a safe distance .

Back to the familiar office area, all ventilation channels have been opened in advance, and they will be disinfected regularly in the morning and evening; special personnel are responsible for distributing protective equipment such as masks and disinfectants, and special mask recycling boxes are also set up. The team leader is responsible for the regular body temperature measurement in the morning and afternoon of each small module, and the staff patrol irregularly to spot check the body temperature.

On the first day of returning to work, we have not only been moved, but also gained more confidence! Everyone is quietly contributing to the team. What we can do is to strengthen protection, wear masks, wash hands again, and keep a safe distance of more than 1 meter.

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From the uneasiness before returning to work, to the peace of mind and emotion after the end of the day, the first day of returning to work is not only the normal working state of everyone, but also the gradual restoration of their original life order. I believe that as long as we unite as one, we will achieve new and better results and serve global customers and partners well!

Post time: Feb-18-2021