Tearing strength and dispersibility of Toilet seat cover

Toilet seat cover paper is a kind of disposable daily necessities, which is made from plant fiber and man-made fiber, and then cut, folded or sewed. Before going to the toilet, spread it on the toilet, mainly to play the role of health protection. It is mainly used in public toilets, such as hotels, airplanes, trains, etc. The paper floor of Toilet seat cover  is light and thin, easy to carry and easy to use. It has direct contact with skin when used, and its safety is worthy of attention.


The following introduces the tearing degree and dispersibility of toilet seat cover paper:


Tearing Strength:

Tearing degree is one of the indexes to evaluate the strength of disposable toilet paper. In the process of use, the toilet pad paper should be pulled off from the left, right and front nodes, and there will be a certain degree of pulling in the process of opening. If the tearing degree is too low, it is easy to tear the use part. The original standard also stipulates the upper limit of tearing degree. From the perspective of use, the tearing degree of disposable toilet paper is higher, which will not affect the use. In addition, the standard specifies the quantitative and dispersible requirements of products, and the tearing degree is not likely to be too high. Therefore, the upper limit requirement is removed in this revision. For non coated products, there is a certain gap between the tearing degree of disposable toilet paper produced with recycled fiber and that produced with original fiber, which should be specified separately. The tearing degree of coated products is obviously higher than that of non coated products, which should be specified separately.


Paper Dispersibility:

Dispersibility is also an important performance index of disposable toilet seat cover paper. The disposable toilet seat cover paper after use should be able to flush into the toilet and be directly washed away with excreta. The products with poor dispersion are easy to jam the toilet. The dispersibility is changed from non evaluation index to evaluation index. In addition, the test method specified in the original standard has poor operability, often fails in the test, and can not reflect the dispersion performance of the product, so it needs to be adjusted. The disposable toilet paper after use should be washed away with excrement like toilet paper, and its dispersibility should be similar to paper Toilet seat cover .

Post time: Apr-16-2021