Roll Toilet seat cover

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Roll toilet seat cover


Product parameters

Main ingredients: original wood pulp

Quality level: Advanced

Gram weight of paper: 14 +/-5 g/m2

Paper size: 430x360mm

Specification of each roll: diameter 150mm x width 360mm

Quantity per roll: 380 sheets

Quantity per box: 11 rolls


Product features:

Good water solubility, no worries

The original wood pulp has good water solubility which is not easy to block the toilet

Suitable size to avoid skin discomfort in contact with toilet

The length of each roll is very long, which can reduce the times of paper changing and save time and effort

When using, it is good to isolate the skin from the toilet washer

After use, press the flush button to flush the toilet paper without touching

Through the intelligent paper pick-up device, each cutting is just the right size, only touching the paper to be used to avoid cross infection

Made of original pulp, the paper is soft and smooth

The base paper has been treated at 450 ℃ for safety and hygiene

The special formula makes the paper have good dispersibility to avoid the blockage of sewer

Disposable, effective isolation of viruses and stains

It is more healthy to use without adding fluorescent brightener

In winter, it can prevent the toilet from freezing and give you warm care


Use the toilet seat paper with cloud pad, and use it with cloud pad intelligent paper pickup


Bring you a better and more suitable toilet experience


Automatic Dispenser with roll toilet seat cover

Automatic dispenser

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